This plant has been developed for water depths from 4,6 ft. Also, this model was built around many problems such. Installation, repairs, river blocking, ... to get around. To drive the generator is a rotor used 3,9 and 5,6 ft in diameter depending on the water depth and speed. Due to the simple design, this is cost-effective, ingenious in design and function. Due to the fact that the system is installed completely on land, only two persons are needed to install the HPC. No large machines are needed for installation or service, as this is a modular design. This model has been built for above water and is equipped with a lifting device for easy maintenance (ONLY ONE PERSON). The area of application of this small hydropower plant has been designed for electricity charging columns and private houses but also for third world villages which are located in remote areas and receive no power from the city.

Benefits over diesel generators.
No pollution from combustion. 24h. Electricity supply as driven from the river. Simple construction thus easy installation and repairs with defective.
Durable due to a few wear parts and high-quality materials.

Turbine characteristics
• Weight: 760 lb without counterweight plates
• Dimensions:
26 ft x 2,6 ft x 6,2 ft (L x W x H)
• Rotor diameter: Ø3,9 ft or 5,6 ft
• Rotor speed: approx. 80-180 min

Electrical properties
• Nominal power: 6,5 KW
• Voltages: 110V ~ 220V or 380V AC
• Frequency (AC): 50Hz ~ 60Hz
• Type of installation: standalone / mains supply

Flow requirements and restrictions
• Min. Water depth: 4,6 ft or 6,2 ft
• Min. Flow rate: 3,9 ft / s
• Flow rate at max. Power: 11,5 ft / s or 9,2 ft / s

Description of the system scope
• 3 leaf rotor
• 6.5 KW Brushless Synchronous Permanent Magnetic Alternator 380V
• Aluminum parts that are immersed in the water
• Energy management system with AC output
to meet local requirements
• Water power cable 50 ft
• instructions

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