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Important questions from our customers


Question: How can the flow velocity be determined? Answer: Please throw a piece of wood into the water and let it float. Please stop the time how long the piece needs for a 1 m walk. It is an approximate statement, but this helps us.

Question: How can I set up the system? Answer: The system has been developed so that you can only install it with two people. It is a building block system. Step by step construction instructions will be given to you.

Question: How long does it take to build this facility? Answer: Two people are needed. Inexperienced people need about 4 hours. to mount the system provided the foundation of approx. 60 x 60 x 60cm is already poured out and dry.

Question: Which tool is needed to assamble the system? Answer: You need small tools. The tool list is in our PDF file, which we can send you if required.

Question: How is the system sent? Answer: Depending on the model, this will be sent to you on two or three wooden pallets.

Question: Where and how do I get spare parts? Answer: These can be obtained immediately from us or from our cooperation partners.

Question: How often do you have to maintain the system? Answer: This is dependent on the river. If this is very dirty, a lot of residual material will stick to the rotor or the system. This leads to poorer performance of the WPPG.

Question: How can I clean the system? Answer: Our system is equipped with a lifting and turning mechanism so that only one person is needed to clean and maintain the system. First lift the unit out of the water with one angle screw, then turn the unit with the rotor onto the ground. Now you can work on the system.

Question: How can the plant be stopped for maintenance work? Answer: If you turn the screw up the rotor will be lifted out of the water. The plant stops.

Question: How fast should the water be for a worthwhile investment? Answer: This has to do with several factors. 1. What is the electricity price of your provider? 2.Will you use the electricity yourself or do you want to feed it into the grid? Feed into the public network is better. However, this is also dependent on the remuneration. 3.Do you want a rotor or paddle wheel attachment? Paddle wheel systems have smaller efficiency than rotor systems at the same speed.

Question: Would you recommend us to save the electricity in batteries. Answer: This is a rake task. In general, we do not recommend this because the battery prices are very high. The WPPG delivers electricity 24 hours a day. Batteries are used in solar or wind plants where the production of energy is not constant.

Question: Where do you deliver? Answer: Worldwide.

Question: Are 6.5 kwh sufficient for a normal household? Answer: A 6.5KW system is sufficient for a family home with four people (Western Standard).


Here are some questions you should answer if you are interested in acquiring a mini water power plant


1. How fast is the water in a 3 m distance from the shore if the width of the river is over 6 m? Approximately Specification. You can measure it yourself by B. throw a piece of wood into the water and this floats 1 m. Please stop the time how long the piece needs for a 1 m walk.

2. How deep is the water at about 3 meters from the shore if the width of the river is over 6 meters?

3. Given case: how fast and low is the water at the place where you want to install the system. Also indication how far from the shore.

4. How wide is the river?

5. What are the water level differences over the course of a year?

6. Please tell us the coordinates where you would like to install the system.

7. Please send us pictures and short footage of the place by e-mail where you want to install the system. If the film material should be too big for the e-mail (max 15MB), you can have it sent to us via the Internet site "".

In order to be able to offer you the best plant for your river it would be helpful to know about your river details

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